The Art of the #Hashtag

What was once simply known as the pound symbol, hashtags have evolved quickly in the age of social media.

Although the popularity of hashtags stems from the rise of Twitter, they’ve spread to most other social media networks as well (Facebook, Instagram, and now LinkedIn) and are now the go-to method for many social media users and companies to focus and filter conversations online.

For example, Twitter users can add a hashtag to their tweets when they want to tag a conversation topic. That tagged topic will then appear in the timeline of other users’ who can choose to join in the conversation if interested.

For advisors, using and following hashtags can be a great way to track industry trends, engage with clients and prospects, and join in on conversations to offer expertise. But it doesn’t end there – there are countless ways hashtags can increase the visibility of your firm or business. Here are some specific ways hashtags can add value to your social media presence:

  • Survey the Scene Find out what matters to your audience by checking your social media feeds regularly and keeping an eye on the conversation topics they tag. When the time comes to reach out, you’ll have a better idea of their concerns and have better insight into topics that matter to them. And if a prospect sees that you’re contributing to the conversations they tag, they could be the first to reach out.
  • Conquer the Conversation Demonstrate that you’re a thought leader by posting your thoughts on relevant news using relevant hashtags, whether it’s 140 characters or linking to a piece of content you put together on the given topic. People will be inclined to follow you and trust what you have to say, which will most likely expand your network.
  • Excel at the Big Event Increase your visibility by using the hashtag that’s distributed at conferences and events you attend. Those who search for the conference hashtag can easily spot your tweets in the appropriate feed and potentially engage in conversation or visit your profile. Typically, conferences will publicly display their hashtag on their website.

To get you started, here’s a list of useful hashtags advisors are using to engage in conversations:

#401k #advisors #analytics #budgets #bonds #babyboomers #collegesavings #data #debt #digitaladvice #DOL #eMoney #eMoneySummit17 #fiduciary #financialplanning #Fintech #GenX #investing #millennials #retirement #retirementplanning #roboadvisor #savings #taxes #technology #wealthmanagement

For a more in-depth look at how social media can improve your business, check out our free social media workbook.