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Monte Carlo Affects Mortality Setting Discontinued

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At eMoney, our mission is to help people talk about money; which is why we plan to build a new and more transparent report to asses longevity risk across a wide range of end-of-life scenarios and convey results to clients in an easily consumable format.

To allow for this future development, we discontinued the Monte Carlo Affects Mortality feature on November 20, 2019.

We want to provide you with additional insights behind this decision:

  1. Extremely low usage: Around one percent of eMoney clients actively use this feature. This does not suggest our other users do not value this ability, but rather they use other avenues in eMoney to do so. We’ve provided some alternatives below.
  2. This feature slows down and/or complicates our ability to build and deliver new features to market, including the new longevity risk report and several other Monte Carlo related enhancements we have planned.
  3. Lack of transparent results: The results of this setting make it hard to determine the assessed longevity and communicate risks to clients.

Note: If you had this feature enabled, the current Monte Carlo score for any plans created using the setting could change.

We recommend updating those plans using the steps above for a more transparent analysis that demonstrates the financial and planning effects of longevity scenarios.

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