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API Transition Update: Upcoming API Releases

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Soon, clients will have a new way to connect their Vanguard accounts to their Client Portals. Coming soon, the existing Vanguard Connection will begin to transition to an API. (Click here for more on what this means, and the 411 on our API initiative.)

This transition will encompass over 27,000 client’s Connections, updating nearly 60,000 connected accounts every day.

The change to the Vanguard API does not require you or your clients to take action.

When the transition begins, their accounts will begin to automatically change to API-based data aggregation. This transition will have no impact on clients’ existing account history and transactions.

However, it is important to note that the Vanguard API will only allow Vanguard accounts to be aggregated. This means that any outside accounts your clients have linked through the Vanguard connection that are held with another institution will not be accessible through the API. In these instances, the accounts will be available as “Other Accounts” and, where applicable, can be manually linked with the institution directly.

Others In Progress: Capital One and Fidelity AccessSM

In addition, the Capital One and Fidelity AccessSM APIs are in development.

When these APIs become available, clients will need to reconnect their accounts via the API by going to the Accounts page on their Client Portal and following the instructions related to the connected account.

We’ve created a new educational slick to help you explain what APIs are, why the industry is changing how third parties access your data, and how technology is making your data more secure and under your control.

To help your clients with this transition, once the APIs have been released, we’re updating the institution messaging and providing client-facing guides that help explain the necessary steps to complete the transition with their connection.

Available Support

For additional support, check out our Connections Resource Center for materials to help you communicate these and other API transitions to your clients, and stay up-to-speed on the APIs transitioning next.

Other questions? Contact us directly at 888-362-8482 or

This communication is for service purposes only. The “API transmissions update” is an eMoney Advisor, LLC service.  An institution’s data transmission via API does not imply a relationship or affiliation with eMoney, and the institutions have not endorsed, sponsored, authored, certified, or approved this service.

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