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eMoney Advisor Launches Voice Assistant for Financial Advisors

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  • Using conversational artificial intelligence, the eMoney Voice Assistant offers advisors extra efficiency and a new way to navigate the eMoney platform
  • Advisors can access reports and other client data in just one step, utilizing simple voice commands


RADNOR, PA. – November 1, 2018 – eMoney Advisor, a leading provider of scalable wealth management technology, today announced the launch of the eMoney Voice Assistant, one of the first solutions for advisors that utilizes conversational artificial intelligence (AI). Available now to all eMoney clients, the Voice Assistant provides a seamless, efficient and hands-off way to search for client information and data. Advisors can navigate to areas of the platform that conventionally take a few clicks in just one step, using one voice command.

The financial services industry increasingly relies on technology to make mundane tasks, such as data entry, more automated. The eMoney Voice Assistant provides automation along with a new access point within the eMoney platform. With simple voice commands, eMoney users can access reports and other client data quickly, resulting in streamlined operations and more time for creating financial plans and strengthening client relationships.

“We all have devices that are face, voice and fingerprint-enabled. At eMoney, we believe that fintech should offer the same innovations,” said Jess Liberi, head of product at eMoney. “Our goal is to continually bring the finance world the tools necessary to make advisors more efficient and facilitate business growth.”

eMoney partnered with Microsoft to infuse Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, a collection of intelligent APIs that allow systems to see, hear, speak and understand people’s needs by using natural methods of communications, to develop its Voice Assistant. eMoney’s Voice Assistant uses Azure’s Bot Service, Language Understanding, Translator and Custom Speech Service.

“We believe that conversational AI is going to be the next evolution of AI because it lets companies like eMoney expand their client interactions in a more natural way, not only with voice but also with natural language. This enables them to them serve their clients better and speed up process elements that would normally take more time,” said Lili Cheng, CVP of Microsoft Conversational AI.

Last month at the annual eMoney Summit in Orlando, the eMoney team displayed the Voice Assistant’s capabilities to 1,000 finance professionals from across the country. The product was met with overwhelming positive reviews.

“We’re excited to get even more feedback from our clients as they begin to use the Voice Assistant. And we’ll continue to iterate and enhance the Voice Assistant based on their suggestions as we do with all our products,” said Liberi.

The eMoney Voice Assistant is available to all eMoney clients at no added cost. Advisors can activate the Voice Assistant by clicking the microphone button located in the search bar within the eMoney platform. The more the Voice Assistant is used, the smarter the system becomes over time, which results in an optimal user experience. In addition, new voice commands and functionality will be introduced in phases over the next six to 12 months.

Visit the eMoney Blog to learn more information about the eMoney Voice Assistant.


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