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2021 New and Updated eMoney Bamboo Content

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Bamboo offers a complete collection of content to engage prospects or clients on topics that are relevant to their personal and financial lives, and we’re committed to providing you with the latest information to share with your clients.

New eMoney Bamboo Content

To keep content fresh and engaging, we periodically add new eMoney-generated content on relevant topics. Check out the latest additions below.

  • Social Security Benefits added July 2021 to Content > Retirement Planning.
  • How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits added June 2021 to Content Library > Retirement Planning.
  • What Type of Social Security Benefit is Best for You added June 2021 to Content Library > Retirement Planning.
  • What is an HSA? added June 2021 to Content Library > Healthcare.
  • How to Maximize Your HSA Contributions added May 2021 to Content Library > Healthcare.
  • Could a Health Savings Account Work for You? added May 2021 to Content Library Healthcare.

If you have content suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit them through UserVoice by clicking the Request a Feature link in your footer.

Bamboo Content and Campaign Updates

To provide the latest data to you and your clients, we update articles and videos within your Bamboo content and campaign libraries as needed. Learn more about these updates below.

Content Updates

  • Building a Business is Like Being a Parent was updated in July 2021.

In May 2021, we updated the voiceover for nine of our celebrity-narrated Bamboo marketing videos. This update will not impact the video scripts or visuals—video content will remain the same.

  • Affected Bamboo videos include: Healthcare Planning, Life in a Box, Speed of Access, What We Do, What’s in a Number, Who We Are, Get Started, Digital Advice, Goal Planning.

Campaign Updates

Campaign content changes will not impact past or currently scheduled campaigns. However, future campaigns will include the updated content below.

  • Business Owners – Investing in Yourself (July 2021) – Building a Business is Like Being a Parent was updated.
  • Recent College Grads (May 2021) – We See You video was updated.
  • Financial Literacy for Kids (April 2021) – Turning monetary gifts into learning experiences for children was updated.
  • Ready for Retirement (April 2021) – A new article, The Biggest Financial Pressures Facing Retirees (and How to Plan for Them), has replaced Understanding Annuities.

New FMeX Content

In addition to eMoney content updates, new FMeX content is released on a regular basis from weekly to quarterly depending on the type of content. Content types include:

  • Industry Insights: Articles related to current events and the markets are released on a weekly basis to the “Featured” section of the Content Library, which also includes the newest content. As new articles are released, older articles are moved to the Industry Insights section so that they are always available.
  • Market Commentary: Quarterly articles are typically available two to three days after the quarter ends. There is no fourth-quarter commentary. Instead, a year-in-review article is available at the end of the year. You can also find weekly Market Insights and Monthly Recaps too in Content Library > Industry Insights.
  • Newsletters: We offer newsletters on topics geared toward your Clients’ most pressing needs:
    • Financial Business Edge [Quarterly] Focuses on topics of interest to business owners and executives, covering a variety of issues.
    • Ideas for Living Well [Quarterly] Newsletter offering prospects and clients articles on ways to improve their lives.
    • NextGen Investing [Quarterly] Quarterly commentary and investment-related news for young investors.
    • Financial Insider Online [Monthly] A monthly newsletter focusing on economic and investment topics.

With over 2,500 items (and growing) available through Bamboo, we understand that you might have some questions about the content. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for your reference. Check out the interactive Bamboo FAQ and more resources in the Help section of your eMoney advisor site.

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