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Advisor Analytics Updates: New Chart & Filters

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Available in Advisor and Office Analytics, the new Clients by Planning Type chart provides a clear and concise way to view the total number of clients using Foundational and Advanced Planning.

Advisor Analytics - Clients By Planning Type

Users can expand the chart to gain insights into the percentage of clients using each planning type.

Advisor Analytics - Clients By Planning Type - Detailed

Or click View Clients to see a more detailed breakdown that includes the Client Name, Age, Net Worth, and Total Assets.

Advisor Analytics - Clients By Planning Type > Foundational Planning > Clients

This new chart is available by default as part of Advisor Analytics in our eMoney Plus, Pro, and Premier packages.

New Filters

In addition, to the new Clients by Planning Type chart, we’ve released six new filters to Advisor and Office Analytics.

  • Presentation Source
  • Scenarios Source
  • Total Assets
  • Total Liabilities
  • Total Salary
  • Total Net Worth

Export Template Updates

Finally, a new Planning Type field has been added to the Client Export Template.

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