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Aggregation Update: Financial Institutions Limiting Aggregation During Peak Hours

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Modern consumers expect to be able to view all of their financial information easily and accurately in one place—enabling more visibility into their financial status and more informed financial decisions.

In response to the increased demand for financial data, some institutions are beginning to limit consumer’s use of data aggregators during specific high-traffic windows. For your clients, this means that some institutions will prevent their ability to add new accounts or refresh their account values with eMoney during these high-traffic hours.

In response to these changes, and to help your clients better understand how and when these institutions are limiting access—next month we’ll begin adding this information to the connections on their Client Site Accounts page. It is our hope that this information will help them understand why they are unable to add new accounts or refresh their existing accounts and that no action is needed to “fix” these issues. They simply need to take their desired actions when access is unrestricted by the institution.

Once we have ensured that these aggregation availability windows are clearly communicated on the Client Site, we’ll begin to explore how this information can be integrated into the advisor experience.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

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