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Coming Soon: Distribution Center Accessible Only Through Decision Center

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As part of our strategic vision to make Decision Center the industry’s most comprehensive and interactive planning experience, earlier this year, we added all of our interactive estate planning reports to the Decision Center.

With this update, we streamlined how users navigate between a cash-flow and estate planning conversation by removing the need to switch back and forth between the Decision Center and Distribution Center.

On December 15th, we will be making the Decision Center the main hub to access interactive estate planning reports and the Distribution Center green tile on the Plans page will be removed.

Please note, no functionality is changing, we’re merely aligning all access to the interactive estate planning reports through the Decision Center.

Our interactive estate planning reports will be solely accessible through Decision Center to continue to provide you with a more seamless, interactive, and engaging experience.

How to Access Estate Planning Reports in the Decision Center

Open the Decision Center and click on the Selected Report drop-down menu. Then, click Estate Planning to launch the reports.

Once selected, you can easily switch your view between Estate Flow ChartsCompare Distributions, and Compare Survivor Income with the Viewing drop-down menu.

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