eMoney Market Index Data Updated

The market index data in your eMoney application has been updated with the historical data for quarter four of 2017.

As part of this update, we’ve made additional changes to the length of some indices historical data, which could have a small impact on some rates of return.

Please see below for the full list of indices that were impacted and review the index data in your Investment Assumptions before applying the update.

  • Citi World Gov’t Bond Index
  • MSCI EAFE Small Cap Index
  • MSCI Emerging Market Free Price Index
  • S&P Energy Sector Index
  • Russell Midcap Growth
  • Russell Midcap Value
  • CSFB / Tremont Hedge Fund Index
  • S&P/Citigroup 500 Value
  • S&P/Citigroup 500 Growth
  • MSCI All Countries Asia Pacific Index
  • MSCI All Countries World Index ex US
  • Citigroup 1 Month U.S. Treasury Bill Index
  • ML Libor 3-M Constant Maturity Index
  • S&P 500 Index
  • S&P 400 Index
  • S&P 600 Index
  • Ibbotson Small Co Stock Index

If you’d like your model portfolio growth rates to be calculated based on the latest data, follow the steps below.

To update the market indices across all clients:

  1. Select More, then Investment Assumptions
  2. Click the Model Portfolios link on the left
  3. Select the Market Indices tab
  4. Choose the Market Indices tab, then Compare/Update Indices
  5. Select either Update Advisor Assumptions or Update All My Clients


To update the market indices for a single client:

  1. Select the client
  2. Click Facts, then select Advanced
  3. Go to Assumptions, then Investment
  4. Choose the Market Indices tab, then Compare/Update Indices
  5. Select either Update This Client Only or Update All My Clients


If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to send us an email or give us a call at 888-362-8482.


Joseph Pearson

Written By

Joseph Pearson is a Client Communications Supervisor with eMoney Advisor, LLC. A three-time eMoney Wingbowl Champion, one-time Chili Cook-off Runner-up and Gold Stevie® Award-winning Front-Line Customer Service Professional of the year for 2016 - Joe is a proud father, devoted husband, and he always tries turning it off and back on again before calling IT.