Foundational Planning: Here’s What You Need to Know

Financial planning is increasingly a primary source of value for advisors. But when 72 percent of advisors claim that creating a new financial plan is a long and tedious process1, how can you create value by meeting your client’s dynamic planning needs at scale?

Available for purchase this quarter, Foundational Planning is our scalable, streamlined, and interactive solution designed to meet a variety of planning needs.

What is Foundational Planning?


Foundational Planning is eMoney’s new planning solution, designed to help you deliver more plans to more clients. With step-by-step guidance, Foundational Planning streamlines the financial plan creation by requiring fewer data inputs. It provides an interactive and engaging client experience with a focus on their goals. And, adds greater scalability to a planning-led approach so that, as client relationships mature, you can seamlessly transition to an advanced planning solution.

Essentially, you’ll be able to deliver more plans to more clients. And when combined with our existing advanced planning capabilities, you have a single platform that easily serves a variety of planning needs.

How does it work? 

Foundational Planning starts with a streamlined data gathering process using step-by-step workflows and modular planning topics allowing you to build on your planning conversations over time.

It provides interactive side-by-side scenario planning including Monte Carlo-based results.

Foundational Planning focuses on retirement, education, and spending goals. Goals that, when combined, build a holistic plan.

How will Foundational Planning enhance my client offering?

With Foundational Planning, you’ll have a solution that streamlines the planning process and promotes meaningful discussion on your client’s life and wealth needs through easy-to-create, easy-to-understand plans. You’ll improve your client experience and deepen engagement with interactive collaboration.

And, you’ll have all of this on a single platform that, when combined with our existing advanced planning capabilities, will scale to meet your planning needs.

When can I get Foundational Planning?

Foundational Planning will be available to purchase this quarter. Stay tuned for more information on Foundational Planning as we approach release.

Looking for more information? Check out our recorded Foundational Planning webinar and learn more here.

1) Cerulli Associates, The New Generation of Planning, 2017
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