eMoney to Integrate with Charles Schwab

TL;DR, eMoney is planning to integrate with Charles Schwab in the fourth quarter of 2017. Features may include single sign-on and reporting availability as well as planned access to trade confirmations, account statements and tax forms within the eMoney platform.

Last week was the annual T3 Advisor Technology Conference and eMoney made quite the impact. We prototyped advice from Alexa, unveiled Virtual Reality, and took attendees through our vision of a truly integrated advisor experience.

A key part of that fully integrated advisor experience is, of course, integrations with other technology providers. And while at T3, we announced a particularly exciting integration partner: Charles Schwab.

Currently, eMoney and Charles Schwab work together to serve more than 1,000 shared advisors with over 260,000 account connections between our two systems. But we are expanding this relationship even further with a deep integration that showcases eMoney’s commitment to remaining custodian-agnostic.

eMoney and Schwab joined forces to develop an integration that enables advisors to travel seamlessly from the eMoney platform to the Schwab OpenView Gateway platform. In addition to single sign-on capabilities, the integration – which is scheduled for Q4 of this year – is also projected to include reporting availability, trade confirmations, account statements and tax forms within the eMoney platform. More details will be available closer to the integration launch,

This is the second custodial integration for eMoney, the first being Fidelity in September 2016. Integrating with both Fidelity and Schwab demonstrates our pledge to our clients, prospects and the industry to be a true technology partner to all. We look forward to exploring integrations with other custodians in the future to better serve more clients and continue to expand eMoney’s position as a FinTech leader.