Lead Feed is Coming May 15

As a financial advisor, growing your business is a top priority. But finding the time to network with prospects and cultivate new clients can be difficult.

As part of our commitment to help support your growth, eMoney is launching a new lead generation program – Lead Feed – aimed at connecting you with investors seeking a financial advisor.

Here’s How It Works:


Easily register yourself as a participating advisor by creating your profile, setting your preferred lead criteria, and establishing your price points. With our tiered pricing model, you can set a monthly budget or indicate the number of leads you wish to purchase monthly. The cost per lead ranges from $20 to $190, depending on the investor’s assets.


In collaboration with SmartAsset, a digital marketing agency, leads are sourced by strategically placing financial calculators on major financial publication websites. Prospects learn more about their financial health and can elect to be contacted by a financial advisor if they would like help.


When a lead’s investable assets and location align with your preferred criteria, a match is made, you’ll automatically receive the details of your lead so that you can contact them. We’ll also provide you with lead nurturing tips and templates to help you kick-start the nurturing process.

Is This Right for My Business?

Lead Feed allows advisors to target clients who fit their ideal market profiles, but also focuses on the new client market with the most growth potential, self-directed investors who are ready to start working with an advisor.

Stay tuned for more information on the Lead Feed!

Alyssa Lewis

Written By

Alyssa Lewis is an Event Specialist at eMoney Advisor.