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Market Index Data Update – Q2 2021

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The market index data in your eMoney application has been updated with the latest historical data, as of June 30, 2021. Action is required to update your Investment Assumptions with this data.

Your capital market assumptions are the core of eMoney’s powerful simulation. They are the foundation of all of your client’s financial plans. That’s why eMoney makes new historical data available quarterly, so you can keep these building blocks up-to-date.

We recommend reviewing existing plans and the changes to your capital market assumptions prior to updating your indices. 

How can I update my market index data? 

Use the Compare / Update Market Indices How-to under Help or follow the steps below to update your capital market assumptions:

To update the market indices across your advisor assumptions:

  1. Select More, then Investment Assumptions.
  2. Click on Model Portfolios.
  3. Select the Market Indices
  4. Click Compare/Update Indices.
  5. Select either Update Advisor Assumptions or Update All My Clients.

To update the market indices for a single client:

  1. Select the client.
  2. Click Facts, then select Advanced.
  3. Go to Assumptions, then Investment.
  4. Choose the Market Indices tab, then Compare/Update Indices.
  5. Select either Update This Client Only.

For more information on your market indices, asset classes, and model portfolios in eMoney, check out Understanding Your Investment Assumptions on the eMoney Blog.

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