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Mid-Year Check-in: eMoney User Feedback Fuels Areas for Improvement in 2020 and Beyond

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“We listen to our customers” is a phrase we’re used to hearing all too often. But, how often is real change witnessed as a result of user feedback, ideas, and personal experience?

We look to our valued clients to share their positive experiences along with areas of opportunity to improve and to help guide our product roadmap. We conduct and analyze targeted user satisfaction surveys, continue to work to enhance our Request a Feature page, invest thousands of hours of training into our client success coaching to better help our clients achieve their goals with eMoney and stay close to user conversations and feedback that come in through our call center.

We know it’s nearly impossible to address every user suggestion included in satisfaction surveys, or implement all proposed features captured by users. But rest assured, we are listening and acting on your feedback every day! So we’d like to provide a status update on some major areas of improvement, in addition to some planned enhancements that are coming.

Some of the feedback we heard from clients was centered around:

  • Client Service
  • Connections
  • Feature Suggestions
  • Workflow Efficiencies

Keep reading to learn about some recent enhancements made in these areas along with some teasers for what you can expect in the future…

Client Service

Helping people talk about money. It sounds like a simple mission. But with 70,000 financial professionals on the eMoney platform, it’s no small task. See a few ways we’ve made progress in this area.

  • Client Support Metrics – We’ve doubled our Client Support team in the last year, and reduced our average hold time per caller to under two minutes. 87% of users had their issue resolved with a call to eMoney support. Learn more. We aim to get you the answers you need fast.
  • Callback Assist Support –While we do everything we can to reduce hold times, when you dedicate so much of your day to putting your clients first, there’s not always time to wait for a representative. Now we’re giving you more control of your time with Callback Assist—which gives you the option to receive a callback at the phone number of your choice, while preserving your place in line.
  • Co-browsing for Support – As part of our efforts to improve your support experience, earlier in August we updated our co-browsing feature. Now when you call eMoney Client Support, we can initiate a co-browsing session, similar to the advisor-to-client portal screen-sharing, streamlining the process of identifying and resolving your questions.
  • Connections-Related Support – We’re proud to share that we’ve worked diligently on process improvements within our connections teams that have lead to a more than 50% decrease in time to resolution for connection-related tickets.


Connections are the foundation of the eMoney platform, for both you and your clients. So we continue to prioritize enhancements to the aggregation engine, and the way we support it.

  • APIs – As of the beginning of December 20, 2019, we’ve successfully transitioned five of our largest volume connections, resulting in 68% of all active accounts on eMoney connected through direct access via application programming interfaces (API) or bulk file. Some more updates.
  • Screen Scrapers – We are proud to share that we’re updating 300 screen scrapers monthly and continue to actively work on ways to reduce “down time.” (Screen scrapers or “parser” is code that leverages a username and password to gain access to a website or application to programmatically extract large amounts of data).
  • “Report a Problem” Screen and Live Chat (Coming Soon) – We are actively working on some exciting modifications and improvements to the Report a Problem screen, including live chat for a better live experience.
  • Connections Health Monitor (Coming Soon) – Stay tuned for a smart way to check on the current health of your connections, which will include color-coded Institution and Connection-level health indicators, smart filters, improved communication practices about connection status information, and more.

Feature Suggestions

We’ve released 331 product suggestions from users, and have nearly 60 additional planned for upcoming releases. We will also be rolling out a new process that will help us to focus on the areas that mean the most to our users.  

  • Decision Center – We’ve made great progress this year in improving the Decision Center, including completing a top user suggestion to add the ability to rename, reorder, and delete advanced techniques. Additionally, we continue to expand on our Monte Carlo capabilities, including the recent addition of the Asset Spread chart in Decision Center. We are continuing to work on providing you a more modern and consistent reporting and presentation experience that matches the planning experience.
  • “Details” Drop-down – We know the Client Site is a key part of what makes eMoney the most robust financial technology software in the industry. Some recent work on the Client Site includes work on making the “details” drop-down on a transaction more intuitive, cutting down the amount of times users accidentally create rules they don’t mean to create.
  • Task Alerts – In April, we released a top user suggestion to alert users when clients complete a task that their advisor had assigned to them.
  • Overview Page Enhanced – This year, we completed a technology uplift of the overview page to improve client mobile device and desktop experience and enhanced the goals area of the Client Site with Monte Carlo probability of success metrics.
  • Client Portal Improvements Coming – Expect to see some new enhancements on the Client Portal goals that will make the client experience more exploratory and engaging.
  • Vault – We received feedback that advisors don’t know when their clients view or download documents that are uploaded in the Vault, resulting in the need to follow up personally with their clients to ensure they received the documents. Now, advisors are alerted and informed when clients complete an outstanding task. Keep an eye out for further Vault enhancements as a result of user feedback.

Workflow Efficiencies 

There are a lot of important parts of eMoney, and at times, navigating through it all can be cumbersome. We’ve used your feedback to fuel changes both to our client support team, and in the application.

  • Getting Started Program – Launched this past year, this program is designed exclusively for new clients. It teaches everything you need to know to efficiently get up and running with the eMoney platform. New users are partnered with an eMoney expert who will provide a personalized learning journey that covers the core concepts and tools of your eMoney package.
  • Product Update Resource Page – Available as of January 2020, the Product Update page gives users visibility into what’s new and upcoming, as well as an archive of past updates. The Product Update page is easily accessible through your Advisor Site with the eMoney standard subscription and for most enterprises. More information.
  • Knowledge Base and Help Menu – Two new Knowledge Base courses were released this year. Support Role focuses on how Assistants and Planners can use eMoney to support their offices, and Integrations focuses on integration best practices. Additionally, if a user enters a search term in Help and yields no results, you’ll now be linked to the Request a Feature page so we can learn what you’re looking for to build out a more robust library.
  • Live Training Goes Virtual – Continue your eMoney education with live training sessions and weekly webinars, which can now be accessed from anywhere allowing you to stay safe and cut down on travel costs. Although the webinar topics vary, navigational direction is always provided as part of the discussion, usually with opportunities for live questions. Users can visit the training page through the Help tab on your homepage.

The above is a summary of the recent updates inspired by feedback like yours. We encourage you to check out the Product Update Resource page found in your Help menu for a full archive of 2020 enhancements.

We thank you again for your honest feedback, and look forward to improving your experience even more in the future!

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