Advisor Branded Marketing Update: Taking Care

Achieving balance in your life can be a challenge. Finding time to manage your professional responsibilities while taking care of your loved ones can be difficult.

On average, it’s estimated that nearly 60% of caregivers are women. That’s why it’s so important to show female prospects that you understand their concerns and can help them care for themselves in the same way that they care for their loved ones.

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What’s New in March

Our latest video, Taking Care, discusses how caregiving responsibilities primarily fall to women—a reality that can have a major impact on their ability to plan and save for retirement. Show your clients how your expertise can help create a financial strategy that provides for their family and themselves.

The new animated infographic, Five Essential Tips to Caregiving, outlines steps your clients can take to provide more effective care for their loved ones.

And finally, our new article, No Greater Gift, discusses how—without proper balance— caregiving can affect women’s ability to save and plan for retirement. The article also covers tips and suggestions that can help women achieve their financial goals.

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