New Advisor Branded Media Video Available Now: #Goals

For your clients, being wealthy isn’t about a number – it’s about the bigger picture. Being able to enjoy their lives with the people who mean most to them. With the latest video, #Goals, show your clients how you can work with them to understand their unique challenges and aspirations, and build a plan that can help them get there.

The #Goals video is designed to help Millennials understand the true value of financial planning, with an inspirational message about how true financial planning is about more than just money. It’s about setting goals and working toward your ideal future. This video establishes the advisor as an advocate, a true partner who understands the unique needs of their generation. With the #Goals video you can help position yourself as a partner to Millennial clients.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek of the new #Goals video:

Here are some ideas for using the latest video:

  • Embed the video into a presentation targeting millennials.
  • Include the video in an email to a Millennial prospect to help them understand the value of a financial advisor. (View Sample Client Email)
  • Share the video through your social media channels along with some advice targeted to the millennials. (View Sample Social Media Messages)

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Joseph Pearson

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Joseph Pearson is a Client Communications Supervisor with eMoney Advisor, LLC. A three-time eMoney Wingbowl Champion, one-time Chili Cook-off Runner-up and Gold Stevie® Award-winning Front-Line Customer Service Professional of the year for 2016 - Joe is a proud father, devoted husband, and he always tries turning it off and back on again before calling IT.