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Marketing is changing. Modern marketing techniques no longer include cold calling or even word-of-mouth. Instead, they focus on providing your audience with personalized and relevant content that builds trust and establishes you as a thought-leader right out of the gate.

After all, the average attention span is 8 seconds. And in today’s digital world, where thousands of inputs compete for our attention – generic outreach attempts just won’t cut it. So if you can’t offer clients and prospects useful, relevant content that grabs their attention in under 8 seconds, they’ll move on to someone who can.

But how do you create engaging, relevant content – like blog posts, infographics, and videos – when you’re already busy enough seeing clients?

If you don’t exactly have the time to whip up your own professionally designed content, Advisor Branded Marketing can help. Learn more about Advisor Branded Marketing.

What’s New in Advisor Branded Marketing

Advisor Branded Marketing offers a brand new campaign every month that’s geared toward new audiences. Our latest campaign speaks to the unique challenges and needs of the Baby Boomer demographic in: This is 60. This campaign includes a new video directed toward retirees, with a focus on providing peace of mind for their families and clarifying the often confusing world of advisor designations.

Our This is 60 campaign added two new pieces of content to the Content Library.  The new video, Your Greatest Assets, shows your clients that building a comprehensive financial plan is one of the most important things they can do to support their families.

Also, offer your prospective clients a guide to understanding the various advisor designations, to help them find a professional with the expertise they need: Decoding Advisor Designations.

Preview of page 1 of Decoding Advisor Designations

Current subscribers can access the new This is 60 campaign under Advisor Branded Marketing – Featured Content.

Part two of the This is 60 campaign, releasing later this December, features an additional video that opens the conversation about leaving a legacy to your clients and a new infographic focused on Social Security.

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