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Q4 2019 Market Index Data Update Live

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The market index data in your eMoney application has been updated on February 28 with the latest historical data, as of December 31, 2019. Follow the steps below to update your indices and model portfolio growth rates. 

To update the market indices across all clients:

  1. Select More, then Investment Assumptions
  2. Click on Model Portfolios
  3. Select the Market Indices tab
  4. Click Compare/Update Indices
  5. Select either Update Advisor Assumptions or Update All My Clients

To update the market indices for a single client:

  1. Select the client
  2. Click Facts, then select Advanced
  3. Go to Assumptions, then Investment
  4. Choose the Market Indices tab, then Compare/Update Indices
  5. Select either Update This Client Only or Update All My Clients

Questions? eMoney Customer Service team is available to assist you from 8am – 8pm EST M-F. Call 888-362-8482 or send an email.

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