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6 Ways You Can Use eMoney to Engage Prospects

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The eMoney application is designed to help you build better relationships with clients, but it doesn’t stop there. Within our system there are a wealth of innovative tools available to help you find new business as well.

Here are 6 ways you can use eMoney to engage prospects.

1. Populate the “Prospects” Group with Leads

Starting last month, you now have the ability to “Add Client” directly to eMoney as Leads. You can then add these Lead client types into our default “Prospects” group. To add someone to the Prospects group, first add them as a regular client, then find their name in your client list, click on it, and check the box next to “Prospects” in the groups section.

2. Use Lead Capture to Streamline Lead Management

Lead Capture is an interactive online workflow made specifically to help advisors attract, engage and qualify leads through their online marketing efforts. It automates and streamlines the process of capturing, qualifying, and managing leads directly within the eMoney suite. Automatically add leads to your advisor dashboard, receive an alert when prospects are ready for help, and gain insight into the financial life and goals of each lead to qualify them and have a meaningful first conversation.

3. Create a Sample Client to Showcase Your Client Portal

There is no better way to communicate its power to a prospect than through a live demonstration. You can do this with prospects by adding a sample client to the eMoney system and providing it with a Client Portal. To do this, add a new client under a noticeably fake name (so you don’t forget they are a sample client) or select one of the default eMoney Sample Clients. Register a client portal for the sample client like you would for any client, but send the invitation to your email address. That way you can log into the portal to showcase features.

To add authenticity to the sample client, eMoney has a sample connection used to add mock account data. Search for eMoney in the Accounts area of the Organizer and enter “emoney” (all lowercase) for both user ID and password. Now your client has more realistic connections.

4. Encourage Current Clients to Use The Mobile Client Site

We recently updated our mobile experience to create a more unified and modern experience. Use this redesign to promote the mobile site to clients who have not adopted it yet. Clients can easily add the mobile bookmark to their home screen to create and the icon will display your mobile logo just like an app! If you’re not sure how to save the link for your client’s device, we have PDFs with screenshots for multiple devices in our Knowledge Base.

Now, each client that has mobile access is a walking advertisement for your firm.


5. Connect to the Next Generation

Some of your closest prospects are any adult children of your current clients. Offer them some basic, low-maintenance services now to begin a relationship and potentially turn them into a client down the line. If their parent has a client portal, make the adult child an alliance partner or additional website user so that they can access parts of their parents’ portal. To go a step further, give them their own portal to use and limit the features if you prefer. Since younger generations are very tech-savvy, any of these strategies will likely take little effort. Offering these benefits now will make a better impression and it will be more likely they become a client later on.

  • Employ our pre-built Sample Clients to introduce interactive planning
    • eMoney’s interactive planning tools improve your impact on clients by making their plan come to life. Since our brains process visuals 60,000x faster than text, these tools help your clients grasp your presentation much more quickly than traditional reports. The planning tools are easier to demo using a pre-built sample client so you don’t have to spend time entering fake data into the facts. We have 5 pre-built sample clients that anyone with our 360 Pro license can add. Add one, change the name or edit the facts to better mimic your prospect and impress them by featuring the Goal Planner, Decision Center or Distribution Center.

6. Use Bamboo to Enhance Your Marketing

For those that subscribe to our Advisor Branded Media package, you have compelling material at your disposal. Current subscribers will find their marketing videos under the “more” menu. For interested parties, a free trial can be requested through the “Advisor Branded Media” link at the bottom of eMoney.

The package has thousands of content items related to every aspect of the industry including videos, newsletters, articles, guides and more.

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