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Best Practices: Keeping Clients Connected

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Data security seems to be in the news almost every day. Whether it’s a breach at Facebook, Equifax, or even Panera Bread—your clients are on high alert. When it comes to their Client Portals, they want to know that their data is secure. And they want to understand how it’s being used by third parties.

To provide even greater peace of mind and a more seamless connections experience to advisors and their clients, we’re adopting an API-based approach to data aggregation.

This shift to API-based aggregation will ultimately give your clients greater control of their financial data and improve their experience by reducing the number of broken connections. (More on our API initiative here.)

But this transition won’t happen overnight, so what can you do in the meantime?

Watch our video for tips on keeping your clients calm, cool and connected.

Talk to Your Clients About Data Aggregation

As a result of the almost 9,000 data breaches that have occurred since 2005, financial institutions are adding security measures and updating website designs to allay consumer fears. These enhanced security features can interfere with screen scraping, a common approach to data aggregation.

By implementing an API-based aggregation model, we will deliver more stable connections, improve the security of your clients’ personal information, and provide peace of mind that you’re taking every step possible to ensure they’re protected.

If you haven’t already, we suggest that you talk with your clients about how we’re creating more secure and reliable data aggregation. While clients may encounter a broken connection from time to time, the API-based aggregation model we’re adopting will improve their service. Also, it’s important to note that this transition will take place over the next several months—no action is required at this time.

Here are a few resources that can help guide your conversations:

Educate Your Clients on What To Do When an Issue Occurs

It’s important that clients understand not only how connections work, but what to do when a connection breaks. Create a standardized process for clients to report connections issues after they’ve taken all the steps they can to resolve the issue on their own, and set expectations regarding the process of opening a ticket and resolving the issue.

With an established process in place, you can ease clients concerns when an issue occurs.

Looking for More Information?

To learn more about eMoney’s Data Aggregation, check out our recorded webinar, All About Connections, and walk through the process of managing connections.

Or watch a recording of our API Transition webinar with CEO Ed O’Brien to get the full story on API-based data aggregation.

Watch the Recording

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