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Building Presentations with Advanced Planning Scenarios

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Presentations are a great way to organize and share your client’s data. In eMoney, you can create a presentation that captures a summary of your client’s facts, shows their lifetime cashflow projections, or presents how your recommendations will positively impact their financial plan.

Let’s look at the essentials of creating a presentation, applying advanced planning scenarios, and sharing it with clients.

Create a Presentation

On the client’s overview page, you’ll add a presentation under Reports > Presentations. Here, you’ll click on New Presentation to add a blank presentation, an existing template, or a standard eMoney template. To open a presentation, click on the presentation’s name.

Next, it’s time to add your presentation content. Go to the Add New Page section to add blank pages, a single report, a group of sub-reports, or a presentation chapter.

For more information, check out Creating a Presentation in eMoney.

Apply Advanced Planning Scenarios

Now that you’ve added your reports, you can apply your advanced planning scenarios or what-ifs to the reports to demonstrate your recommendations’ impact.

Click on the report name within your presentation and use the detailed view to select the scenario you’d like to show. You can also compare base facts to a scenario or compare two scenarios.

Finally, you can apply what-ifs on top of scenarios to model various outcomes. Once you’ve made your selections, click Save.

Send to the Vault

Finally, after you’ve created your client’s presentation, it’s time it to send to the Vault. Once in the Vault, the reports within the presentation will lock in values from the date sent. If you make changes to a presentation or you want to share updated values with your client, you’ll need to send an updated version into the Vault.

To send a presentation into the Reports folder of the Vault:

  • Under Actions, select Request Printable Presentation
  • In the pop-up window, complete the appropriate fields:
    • Select if you want the presentation to send in a Word document or a PDF file
    • Add a notification email to alert you when the presentation has been successfully delivered to the Vault
  • Select Print to send to Vault

You can print out the document from the Vault, save the file on your computer, or share directly to a client’s Vault. For more information, check out Sharing a Presentation to the Client Vault.

Looking to learn more? Check out the Help section on your advisor homepage for interactive FAQs, user guides, videos, and more.

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