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Creating Tasks in eMoney

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Tasks help to organize your team, ensuring each person know their next step and when it’s due–creating a more collaborative planning experience. Let’s look at how to create tasks and where to view assigned tasks on the advisor site and Client Portal.

How to Create a Task

On your advisor homepage, you can create Tasks for yourself, eMoney users in your office, and clients. From here, you can assign a task, add a message, and select a due date.

To create a Task:

  • Click on the check mark icon on the top toolbar and select Add
  • Choose a Client
  • Enter a Subject Line and Message
  • Assign the task by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to Assigned To
    • If you assign to the client, check if you want the task to show on the Client Portal
  • Add a Due Date and Reminder Date
  • Click Save

View Tasks on the Advisor Site

To view tasks assigned to you, you can click on the check mark icon on the top toolbar, or review the Financial Feed on your advisor homepage. You can also view tasks from the client overview page.

  • Check mark icon – Click on the check mark icon and select View All. Here, you can view all tasks assigned to you, filter by date or completion status, and mark tasks as complete. You can also re-open, edit, and delete tasks.
  • Financial Feed – The Financial Feed, available only on the advisor homepage, lists any upcoming and past due tasks assigned to you. To remove tasks from the feed, click on Complete.
  • Client Overview Page – Go to the overview page of the client who you’ve been assigned a task for. Click on the person icon on the top right and select View All next to Tasks. Here, you can see open and completed tasks, who they are assigned to, and the due date.

View Tasks on the Client Portal

When creating a task, if you select Show this task on the client website, the client is notified of a new task when they log into their Client Portal. New tasks will show in red on the check mark icon. They’ll click on the icon to view the task and mark as complete. They can also view all their previously completed tasks and re-open if necessary.

To ensure clients never miss a task, we suggest selecting Show this task on the client website and encouraging them to turn on client alerts. To turn on an alert on the Client Portal, clients will:

  • Click Settings
  • Check their Delivery Settings to see if they’ll receive email and/or homepage notifications
  • Scroll to Reminders and switch on Tasks Assigned to You

For more information, check out our Client Tasks and Next Steps user guide.

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