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eMoney Tip of the Week: Sharing a Presentation to the Client Vault

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You have just spent the time selecting a collection of reports to create and complete a presentation for your client, but what’s next? It’s time to save, share and present your client’s financial plan! eMoney’s Vault is a great tool that allows you to store documents, exchange information with your clients and share reports and presentations.

Why Send Presentations to the Vault?

Utilizing the vault can be beneficial:

  • To share your client’s financial plan during a phone or virtual meeting
  • To send to your client for reference after an in-person meeting
  • To fact check their data at the beginning of the financial planning relationship
  • To provide a monthly, quarterly, or yearly snapshot of their financial plan

How to Send a Presentation to the Vault

Once you’ve completed your client’s financial Presentation, it’s time to send to the Vault. It’s important to know the presentations that live under the Reports > Presentations section of eMoney do not automatically get stored in the Vault and you will need to take an extra step.

To send a presentation into the Reports folder of the Vault:

  • Open the Presentation by clicking on the presentation name
  • Under Actions, select Request Printable Presentation
  • In the pop-up window, complete the appropriate fields:
    • Select if you want the presentation to send in a Word document or a PDF file
    • Add a notification e-mail to alert you when the presentation has been successfully delivered to the vault
  • Select Print to send to Vault


Making a Presentation Viewable to Clients

Now you can navigate to the Reports folder of the Vault and choose to share your presentation to the client’s vault or print out a copy.

To send to your client’s Vault:

  • Click into the Reports folder
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to Actions
  • Select Share with Client
  • When a presentation or report is visible to a client, you’ll see a green check mark next to the file name

To print out a copy:

  • Click into the Reports folder
  • Double Click on the presentation name to open the document
  • Print the Word Document or PDF file


How to View on the Client Site

When you make a presentation or a report visible to the client, your clients can view it in their Vault on the client site. Clients will click into Vault > Reports folder > Open the specific document.



A great way to promote client engagement and ensure your clients won’t miss an important document is to suggest Client Alerts. By turning on “Documents Shared to You” – your client will be notified every time a document is updated to their Vault!



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