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Fact Entry – Available in Year Field

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The first step of the eMoney financial planning experience is entering your client’s data. On a client’s overview page, you’ll use Facts to build out your client’s current situation.Because these Facts will be the foundation for their financial plan, you’ll want to make sure they are as accurate as possible from the start.

The often misused Available in Year field is available when entering assets such as retirement accounts, taxable investments, and real estate.

Available in Year tells the system when the asset exists. It’s not meant for the year that an asset is available to take withdrawals. In most cases, the asset currently exists and the best practice is to leave this field blank. Leaving it blank assumes that the asset exists as of today, even if there is no intention to take withdrawals for many years.

In some situations, like an inheritance or lump sum pension, an asset won’t exist until a future year. For these, you’ll enter the year you want the asset to appear on a client’s balance sheet.

Common Troubleshooting Tip

It’s important to note, that if you connect an existing manual account, the information in the Available in Year field remains but will be uneditable.

If you notice an account isn’t appearing on the balance sheet, it may have a future date saved in Available in Year. For example, a connected retirement account that was initially entered with the year it was available to take withdrawals, instead of the current year. To edit the Available in Year field, you’ll need to unlink and re-link the account.

To check and edit Available in Year for a connected account:

  • Go to a client’s overview page > Advanced Facts
  • Click into the account missing from the balance sheet
  • In the Help column on the right, scroll down and click Unlink Fact
  • Check the Available in Year field > Remove a future date > Leave blank
  • Click Save

To re-link the account:

  • Go to the client’s Basic Facts
  • Click on Connections on the bottom left
  • Select the institution’s connection
  • Click Add account
  • Check the account to add > Click Next
  • Make sure not to link as a New Fact. Click on the drop-down menu under Link Toand select the manual fact (the account name) that was recently unlinked.
  • Click Link

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