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How Advisors Can Keep Clients Engaged and Informed During Times of Crisis

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An effective communication strategy is always critical for an advisor-client relationship – but in the midst of a crisis like COVID-19, it becomes even more vital.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll share a step-by-step breakdown for building a strong client communications plan that will provide guidance to advisors and tips to effectively stay connected with their clients during their time of need. We recommend passing along these tips to your advisor field internally, so they can put these steps into action immediately.

7 Tips for Keeping Clients Engaged and Informed During Times of Crisis

Be Proactive

Don’t wait for your clients to reach out to you with questions. As their financial advisor, during a financial crisis, they are expecting to hear your voice and perspective first.

Communicate Regularly

The COVID-19 landscape is evolving rapidly from one hour to the next. As the situation progresses, the email you sent last week may not be entirely relevant anymore. It’s more important to be timely than to have all the answers.

Consider Your Communication Channels

Take your emails to the next level by including a personal video, a link to a blog post you’ve written, or other relevant PDFs from ABM. This is now a great time to post to social media as well.

Own Your Value Proposition

You invest in sophisticated technology that is built to support your clients through any situation. Set clients’ minds at ease by reassuring them of your strong business continuity plans and that you’re well positioned to continue to serve their needs during any situation.

Be Inspirational

It’s important for your clients to remain calm so they can make smart, strategic decisions, rather than panicked, ill-informed decisions. It’s with an optimistic, yet informed attitude that you can keep them on the right track.

Be Empathetic

Use this as an opportunity to connect with your clients on a human level, as we all endure this historic moment together. Offering to go above and beyond for your clients during this time will help you secure loyal clients for life.


You don’t want to blast out content and have no indication of whether those communications were a success. So pay close attention to the feedback you are hearing from your clients.

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