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intellicents: Growing Wealth Management AUM with eMoney

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intellicents, based in Albert Lea, Minn., provides retirement planning and group insurance consulting to companies, as well as personal wealth management services that help individuals reach their financial goals. The company is working to improve the financial lives of American workers by equipping intellicents’ team of financial experts with industry-leading technologies.

In 2016, co-founder Brad Arends received a request for proposal (RFP) from a manufacturing company that was looking for retirement planning consulting for its 400 employees. To encourage greater employee participation in its retirement plan, the company wanted a financial partner to lead an engaging educational program.

To help participants plan for retirement, Arends wanted a platform that would help them create budgets, aggregate their financial accounts, save, manage their debt, and work with a planner all through an engaging, interactive Web portal.

Not long after receiving the RFP, Arends attended an eMoney demo during which he had an ah-ha moment.

“During the product demo, I looked at everything eMoney could do from account aggregation, to the Vault, to the financial planning capability. One of the two largest issues in the 401(k) space right now is financial wellness. I realized that eMoney could improve the financial wellness of the average 401(k) participant by helping them understand where everything is, from assets to liabilities,” he says.

As the foundation for its proposed financial wellness program, eMoney would improve retirement outcomes for plan participants and their families.

The financial wellness capabilities that eMoney supports—financial account aggregation; self-guided, core financial planning; and the ability to store and organize documents in the Vault—have impacted intellicents’ success rate with RFPs.

After landing their first employee retirement planning client, intellicents submitted five additional RFPs to manage 401(k) accounts. They won all five despite the fact that intellicents didn’t have existing relationships with the opportunities.

Read more about the firm’s success in the eMoney + intellicents case study.

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