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Introducing Clients to the Mobile Site

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The Client Portal helps your clients organize and monitor their data, and collaborate on their financial plans. The mobile site gives them the ability to access and engage in the Client Portal from the convenience of their phone!

Let’s look at how to assist clients in the setup process and which user guides to share so they can start enjoying the mobile experience.

Branding the Client Portal

Before inviting your clients to register for the Client Portal, take a minute to look at your advisor settings. Here, you’ll be able to brand the Client Portal and the mobile site.

Select Branding to upload your firm logo. The primary logo will appear on the login page and the homepage of the Client Portal. The mobile bookmark will appear when a bookmark is added to the home screen of a client’s smartphone or tablet.

To assign the logo, click on the logo box and select Choose a file to browse for images on your computer. Once your logo has been successfully added, click Save. The ideal size is 200w x 70h (in pixels). For more information, check out our branding user guide.

Adding the Mobile Site 

Now you’re ready to walk your clients through how to add and access their mobile site.

  • Confirm the mobile site URL. The mobile site URL is the same URL you and your clients use to log into the desktop version. Clients can reference the URL from their Website Registration Confirmation email that they receive after they complete the self-registration process, or you can find the URL on the Manage Client Website page. To view, click into the client’s overview page > click the globe icon > select ‘Manage’ > click ‘View Website URL’.

  • Select a PIN for easy access. The first time clients log in they’ll enter the same username and password used to access their Client Portal. After the initial login, they’ll be prompted with an optional step to register the device and create a 4 digit PIN for easier access in the future.

Features of the Mobile Site 

Finally, it’s time for clients to explore. With mobile access to the Client Portal, clients can see their complete financial picture on the go. They’ll have access to their favorite desktop features such as Accounts, Goals, and Vault documents from wherever they are and at any time.

The mobile site offers a consolidated view of the Client Portal to fit on their phone screen. Clients will have the ability to:

  • View net worth and investment data
  • Add accounts
  • Create budgets
  • Track goals
  • Access Vault documents

When introducing the mobile site to your clients, be sure to share this Mobile Guide for a complete breakdown of all available features and how to use them!

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