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CASE STUDY: Eric Roberge, Beyond Your Hammock (Part II)

Beyond Your Hammock, a fee-only financial firm based in Boston, Mass., which we profiled in 2017, has continued growing from a startup to an established practice.

Founder Eric Roberge started the firm with a unique business model: He offered comprehensive financial-planning services using a subscription-based pricing structure.

Though he tried several solutions from established providers and tech start-up companies, Roberge found that most software didn’t include the functionality he needed to address planning fundamentals, like budgeting and cash flow management.

By integrating eMoney into his practice, Roberge found a comprehensive solution that allows him and his clients to start simple and to adapt their plans as their lives and financial situations become more complex.

Roberge also found that the software supports a variety of needs for those in different stages of their lives, from simple planning for clients early in their careers to advanced planning for those with more complex needs.

In part two of Beyond Your Hammock’s case study, you’ll learn how the firm:

  • Increased recurring revenue by 121% using eMoney
  • Reduced costs by addressing multiple business needs with eMoney
  • Supports the development of younger advisors

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