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New Vision CPA Creates Opportunities and Strengthens Client Relationships with eMoney

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CEO of New Vision CPA Group and author of two books, Jody Padar, provides small businesses and S corporations with strategic financial planning, tax advisor and compliance, bookkeeping, and payroll services.

Padar has put New Vision ahead of the curve by automating many routine tax and bookkeeping processes.

Looking for a new revenue stream, she quickly recognized financial planning’s potential to grow her business.

Padar and her colleague, Maggie Beach, set out to find a platform to support their holistic approach to financial planning.

The pair had already seen how one of their clients was using eMoney. They were immediately impressed by its collaborative financial planning, interactive client experience, and the aggregation of client account information through a single platform.

Impressed with the intuitive eMoney interface, the pair moved quickly to implement the platform at New Vision.

As a result of adopting eMoney, Padar’s tax clients are transferring their assets to New Vision. eMoney has also helped New Vision attract prospects whose desire for financial planning is more closely aligned with the firm’s own growth strategy.

Learn why New Vision puts eMoney at the center of every client engagement.

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