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Tip of the Week: Streamline Your Workflow with eMoney’s Data Entry Services

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What are the bottlenecks preventing you from growing your business in 2019? Are you wasting time on manual processes instead of engaging with prospects and new clients?

When seventy-two percent of advisors claim that creating a new financial plan is long and tediousit’s time to add efficiency to the process.

Don’t make the mistake of dedicating your time to the non-revenue generating task of performing manual data entry when you can be doing what you do best — connecting with clients and building your business.

So take advantage of eMoney’s Data Entry services to start building efficiencies today.

How can this help me?

Simply put, Data Entry services allow you to focus on the activities that will grow your business the most. While off-loading the most time-consuming and non-revenue generating tasks in your office to a dedicated support team.

In fact, the eMoney Data Entry service often allows you to save time and money by offsetting the need for a dedicated staff member to learn and handle all data entry.

And with our Foundational Planning solution for businesses looking to extend and scale their planning offering releasing in early 2019, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of the game.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click the Data Entry Link, located at the bottom of your eMoney site, and complete a Case Data Entry Request Form.

2. Upload all your clients’ fact-finder documents and statements to your secure advisor Vault.

3. Our Data Entry team will securely input the data into your eMoney site and perform an extensive quality review.

4. Once all data has been successfully entered, the Data Entry team will notify you so you can hit the ground running with your financial plan.

Reach out to the eMoney Data Service team today to learn more about how they can help you streamline your operation in 2019.

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