Counting Down Our Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts of 2017

What a year 2017 has been!

From completely redesigning our company website to pulling off our largest Summit to date, this year has certainly been one for the books.

With so many changes, enhancements, and milestones accomplished, we thought we’d count down our most read blog posts from this year to give you just a snippet of everything that’s happened this year.

10. Fidelity AMP is Now Available in eMoney

In July, Fidelity AMP became available for joint clients (eMoney’s emX + Fidelity Wealthscape) to manage digital and fully-advised end investors side-by-side. With this offering, advisors can easily evolve clients from automated to more collaborative services as their financial planning needs start to grow.

9. eMoney Advisor to Open Office in Providence, RI, Bringing 100 New Jobs by 2020

We were very excited to share with everyone the opening of our new office in Providence to more easily tap into the area’s technology talent pool, be closer to some of our Northeast clients, and accommodate our rapid growth.

In partnership with the local Rhode Island government, we shared more details on our decision to expand into Providence in our most viewed press release of the year.

8. Best Practices: Presenting to Prospects Using the Decision Center

The Decision Center, one of eMoney’s most popular core features, provides clients with a view of their lifetime cash flow and helps them visualize where they stand with their current financial situation.

In this Best Practices blog post, we explain how to demonstrate your services to prospects using eMoney’s Sample Clients. This feature allows you to walk a prospect through a typical engagement and gives them a view into what you can offer—before you even gather a single fact.

7. eMoney’s Advisor Assurance is Now Available

In early 2017, we announced a major addition to our suite of products with the launch of our compliance solution, Advisor Assurance. With this solution, firms gain the ability to oversee (and archive) key advisor-client interactions such as manual account changes, Vault uploads and the creation of financial plans. They can then export these detailed records at any time.

6. Best Practices: Answer these 5 Client Questions Using eMoney Reports

In our most viewed blog post in our “Best Practices” series, we discuss the five common questions clients typically want answers to, and how to tackle them once you’ve created the base case for your clients in eMoney.

5. eMoney’s API Transition

Our move to gradually transition toward an API-based aggregation enables us to better protect sensitive client information and enhance the user experience.

And, as an added bonus, this blog post includes a recording of our API Transition webinar, led by our CEO Ed O’Brien.

4. eMoney’s Latest Integration: Wealthbox CRM

We started out 2017 with a bang when we announced our integration with Wealthbox.

Integrating with Wealthbox, a CRM platform designed to enable modern client management and coworker collaboration, was a no-brainer. This integration gives advisors single sign-on capabilities and the ability to sync contacts two-ways between applications.

3. Advisor Branded Marketing Has Arrived: A Modern Marketing Platform for the Modern Advisor

Coming in at the 3rd spot is one of our most anticipated product releases of the year: Advisor Branded Marketing.

Announced at the 2017 eMoney Summit, Advisor Branded Marketing is the financial advisor’s complete marketing toolkit. This new turnkey, digital marketing solution includes a growing content library with over 2,000 pieces of multimedia content to help advisors capture the attention of prospects and drive more meaningful conversations with clients.

2. Introducing Lead Capture: Streamlined Lead Management

This summer we released Lead Capture, an interactive online workflow allowing advisors to attract, engage and qualify leads through their online marketing efforts.

Now, advisors can easily capture and qualify leads right from the eMoney dashboard. And every lead generated through Lead Capture comes with details such as age, income, and goals to help advisors easily qualify each prospect.

1. Activate Client Engagement: Client Website Goals & Homepage Redesign Released

And coming in at the top spot is the redesigned Client Site homepage and the addition of a new interactive Goals tab to create a more user-friendly and streamlined personal financial management experience.

Featuring a modernized interface, the new Client Site homepage was updated to help advisors empower their clients to better visualize how their financial goals impact their long-term financial outlook.


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T.J. Hill

Written By

T.J. Hill is a Demand Generation Strategist at eMoney Advisor.