Four Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Free Trial of eMoney

Four Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Free Trial of eMoney

Are you considering a free trial of eMoney Advisor? Have you already signed up for one? We know that the decision to transition to a new technology platform isn’t one that’s made lightly. That’s why it’s important to take full advantage of a free trial and ensure the platform and support you’ll receive with eMoney Advisor is the right solution for your business. To help you get started, we asked one of our newest advisors to share with us a few of the best practices he discovered during his free trial. Here’s what he had to say:

Tip: Take Advantage of the Web-Demo

Our Advisor Says: With software as robust as eMoney Advisor, I knew I’d never be able to master every function within the tool on my own. So before jumping into the product, I knew I needed some guidance. That’s why the overview or “pre-implementation” process as the eMoney team called it, was such a great help.  One of their product specialists took me through a helpful, high-level overview of the eMoney system and gave me a chance to explore it with the help of an expert. From there, I was able to plug in a few sample clients to really get a feel for the software.

Tip: Start with yourself

Our Advisor says:  Let’s face it— the client we know best is ourself. I plugged my own personal financial data into the platform to become familiar with the software and ensure its reliability, security, and ease of use. Since my relationships are built on trust, making sure the eMoney technology would benefit my clients was my number one priority.  After evaluating the system’s analysis of my own financial picture, I felt confident the platform wouldn’t just make my job easier – I knew it would improve the service my clients received, too.

Tip: Never Stop Learning!

Our Advisor Says: Every day, eMoney’s training staff hosts a short, live webinar – they usually take a half an hour – on a different topic. I signed up for a few online courses and sat back as an eMoney trainer gave a quick (but thorough) look at one of the platform’s features. Taking advantage of their interactive support – asking questions and having them answered right there, in real time – was a great help as well. I recommend every advisor considering eMoney to do the same.

Tip: Use your imagination!

Our Advisor says: With more than 30 years of experience managing assets under my belt, clients have asked me nearly every question in the book. Nevertheless, a client will still throw me a curve ball every once in a while. To prepare myself and my team to face any question a client could pose, we practiced role playing. Taking turns as both the advisor and the client allowed us to simulate a number of potential real-life scenarios a client may experience. As a result, we were confident that all of our clients’ needs would be met once we started using eMoney with them.

These four tips will help get you started, but we’re confident that the more you use the tool, the better you’ll understand how eMoney will help your clients achieve their goals. Don’t take our word for it—see for yourself!