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Communicating with Clients in the Wake of the Coronavirus

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We’re three months into 2020 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has already recorded its biggest gain and loss in its 125-day history. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has major companies restricting travel across the globe, and your clients aren’t sure what to expect as the market reacts.

Depending on their risk tolerance, you might already be getting calls from risk-averse clients to set up meetings so you can discuss the state of the market. Meetings where you’ll no doubt dole out sage wisdom on behavioral finance and volatile markets.

When you’re trying to explain strategies for dealing with a volatile market to a panicked client, you’ll often find it’s more valuable to show, not tell, them why it’s so important not to sell low. In an ordinary world, you could invite them into your office and sit down and show them why it’s essential to stick to their plan, stay invested, and stay diversified.

Host Digital Meetings Using Screen Sharing

But in the midst of a crisis, it might not be as easy as usual to set up a face-to-face meeting. Instead, host digital meetings, so you have a safe online space where you can discuss and present to your clients. After all, in an increasingly virtual world, this is the kind of flexible experience your clients expect.

As an eMoney user, you’re well-positioned to thoughtfully respond to your clients’ concerns with virtual tools like Screen Sharing—which is built in to every eMoney package. You can quickly invite any client with access to the Client Portal to a co-browsing session, where you can present reports or show them the answers to their questions live with our interactive planning tools.

Ready to start a Client Meeting with Screen Share? Check out our best practices for hosting a co-browse session with your clients and our sample client email template with instructions on how to connect.

Soothe Panicked Investors with the Decision Center

Use the Decision Center to show clients why it’s essential to stick with their plan—through market ups and downs—and how a hasty decision today could have a long-term impact on their financial success. Or how their probability of success can change based on selling equities during a downturn.

Learn more about how to talk to your clients about market volatility on the eMoney blog or how to show them the impact of their decisions in Decision Center in this webinar recording.

Not an eMoney user? To learn how you can offer remote, interactive client meetings, click here to request a demo.

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