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eMoney’s Pledge to Give Back to Others

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In 1945, a 14-year-old boy from Nebraska bought his first business. With $1,200 in savings, he bought a 40-acre working farm. He had sold chewing gum and newspapers door to door since the age of seven, saving every penny. At the age of 11, he bought three shares of his favorite stock, along with three shares for his older sister. By the time he graduated from the University of Nebraska at 19, the young man had accumulated almost $10,000, the equivalent of over $100,000 today.

Today, Warren Buffett is the third-wealthiest person in the world. As CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, he has a net worth of over $80 billion. Buffett has stated many times he plans to give the bulk of his estate to charity. In 2010, he, along with Bill Gates and others, signed “The Giving Pledge,” promising to donate at least half of his fortune to charity.

Our commitment to giving back

“My wife and I, when we were in our twenties, decided that whatever we had that we didn’t need should go to somebody that did need it. We’ve taken up with the Giving Pledge to try to encourage others to feel the same way.”

– Buffett’s reaction to being awarded the 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom

Like Warren Buffett and millions of other Americans, eMoney views philanthropy as a core tenet of our culture (and one of the nine things you don’t know about eMoney). As a company, eMoney donated $100,000 to various organizations in 2018. These charitable efforts support financial education, disaster recovery, veterans, and much more.

“Employees wanted eMoney to increase its charitable giving efforts to help make the world a better place,” said Ed O’Brien, eMoney CEO. “And since our employees are what make eMoney great, we took their feedback and are launching charitable giving initiatives in a way that’s meaningful to them.”

eMoney giving back to the community
Radnor team members partnered with Junior Achievement during Financial Literacy Month.

What does giving back mean to us?

eMoney offers company-wide volunteer days, and matches donations of $100 per employee to non-profits of their choice. eMoney team members have volunteered with the Campaign for Working Families to provide tax assistance to low-income families, and hosted financial literacy workshops with the City of Philadelphia Controller’s Office. Staff also partnered with Junior Achievement to teach financial lessons to elementary school students.

Volunteering time and resources. Helping others. Making the world a better place. eMoney is committed to not only helping people talk about money, but also giving back to our communities.

Interested in learning how eMoney can help your customers with their own charitable giving? Watch our video below.

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