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Report Modernization Update: Page Length and Spacing

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Last month, we released our first set of modernized Reports using the report guidelines from the latest Decision Center and Foundational Planning reports. Our goal with this version is to provide a modern and consistent aesthetic across all online and printed Reports. Following the release, we received a wealth of feedback from our users. Feedback like this helps ensure we deliver the most effective, modernized reports in the future.

Effective May 18, you will see the results of diligent work completed to address crucial feedback on report spacing and page density by:

  • Consolidating row heights and padding on the Balance Sheet and Detailed Balance Sheet
  • Reducing footer font sizes across all modernized reports
  • Condensing spacing between report headers and removing some spacing elements.

In addition, liabilities are now clearly defined with red font color. These changes address the most immediate feedback we received and are live in the eMoney application today.

However, we are planning additional updates as we continue to work through your responses. Areas of focus include returning the client’s name from the bottom to the top of the report for additional visibility, streamlining the ability to edit in Microsoft Word, and more.

As always, our goal is to ensure we want to provide a superior experience for you and your clients as we modernize these Reports—so please continue to add your feedback to the Request a Feature page. We’re listening.

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