Advisor Spotlight: Scott Curran

Our Advisor Spotlight series focuses on individual advisors who found success using our software. We recently caught up with Scott Curran of The Curran Group to ask him a few questions about how he is using eMoney to build stronger relationships with his current clients while attracting new business in the process.


Q: Thanks for sitting down with me, Scott. To put it simply, how do you set yourself apart from your competition when it comes to the client experience?

A: We try to distinguish ourselves from the industry in two ways: One, we offer a higher level of personalized customer service than is the standard in our industry. And two, we offer a superior planning process through our use of eMoney.

Q: And do you set yourself apart by using any unique strategies?

A: We focus on a planning-based approach and work through a financial plan in detail before any strategy is discussed with the client.

Q: Has this tactic has helped you grow your business?

A: Absolutely. Since we put the focus is on the plan and not strategies, we’re able to make the implementation of new strategies easy for the client, and that provides a huge benefit in growing our practice.

Q: Does technology play a role in all this?

A: Yes, and our use of eMoney is the main component. The value we bring through the use of eMoney is the plan analysis that allows clients to take a very detailed look at what their long term picture looks like.

First of all, our ability to deliver a very detailed, comprehensive look at clients’ long-term financial pictures in a way they can understand is huge. Secondly, the ability to have this planning “live” via eMoney is another added benefit. Both of these factors are significant in acquiring and maintaining client relationships.

Thanks for your time, Scott!

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Jack Evans is an Internal Training Specialist at eMoney Advisor. A graduate of West Chester University, Jack has never had a piña colada and prefers to avoid getting caught in the rain. That's what umbrellas are for.