2016 eMoney Advisor Summit Recap: Day 2

Below is a recap of Day Two of the eMoney Advisor Summit. Checkout Day One here and Day Three here.

After an enjoyable first day, advisors woke bright and early, ready to take on all the training, insights, and speakers day two had to offer.

The main stage presentations began with the now familiar face of Mike Durbin, the one-time interim CEO of eMoney and current President of Fidelity Wealth Technologies. His session, “The State of the Industry,” took a no-nonsense look at where financial services is headed and offered his thoughts on what these changes mean for each and every player in the industry. Using deceivingly insightful crayon-drawn slides, Mike engaged each attendee to think about where they fit into the future and what they can do make themselves a bigger part of it.

To keep the focus on the future, Mike Durbin was followed by Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871. With his presentation, “If You’re Not in a Hurry, You’re Already Behind,” Howard somehow manage to exceed Mike Durbin’s breakneck pace, speeding into the future faster than a 1981 DeLorean. At times humorous, occasionally disquieting, but always hopeful, his outlook took the audience through his rapid fire review of the most important and surprising trends in technology and society.

Once again, the eMoney hackathon raged on throughout the day. Flitting in and out of sessions, advisors met up with their developers to track the progress of their new features. And of course, rally the vote for their team.

After a much-needed break, the main stage was back on with the Fintech CEO panel. Moderated by eMoney’s Ed O’Brien, the panel featured Aaron Klein from Riskalyze, Brian McLaughlin of Redtail, John Rourke of Wealthbox and H. Adam Holt of Asset-Map. As the various CEOs proffered their differing opinions on sometimes tense issues, all attendees benefitted from the avalanche of insider knowledge on everything from advisor training to the next generation of advisors and clients.


Next was Peak Advisor’s always entertaining and always intelligent Ron Carson with his session, “Billion-Dollar Insights on Where Our Profession is Headed.” The consummate veteran, Carson kept everyone’s eye on the future with a host of predictions and more importantly, actionable advice on what advisors can do to react.

Before getting to the much anticipated Power User Panel, everyone broke off to the many partner breakout sessions. There, they heard from the tech vendors of their choice and learned how to integrate even more tech tools into their practice.

Next, was the Power User Panel moderated by the much talked about Kelly Waltrich. With advisors Thom Hall, Tim Dougherty, Patti Brennan, and Kristen Moran fielding questions like the champion advisors they are, the audience got an extensive lesson on eMoney best practices. 

Rounding out the panels for the day, was the sobering Information Security Panel, led by eMoney’s Chief of Security, Jason Novak. Discussing one of the most important – and sometimes scariest – topic in financial services, the panel provided some much-needed tips on how advisors can deal with the increasingly complex and numerous security issues of the modern age.

Ending the day, and standing between the audience and the open bar, was our emcee, Drew DiMarino. Luckily, he didn’t disappoint. A mix of interesting live polling, plenty of audience interaction, and more eMoney features than twitter could keep track of, Drew rolled through the product roadmap and overall vision of eMoney’s future.

And so finally, full of inspiration and hope for the future, the crowd dispersed to enjoy the setting sun and postcard-views of Dana Point.

Jacob Leise

Written By

Jacob is a Product Marketing Manager at eMoney Advisor.