A Special Holiday Wish from Our Team to Yours


‘Twas the day before the holiday party, when all through the office,
not an employee was still, not even the bosses.

Product and Dev strung together code in silence,
in hopes to enhance the app for our clients.

Marketing wrote content for blogs and emails,
to keep clients informed of all the latest details.

Advisors lined up, all ready to train,
while live trainers went over new features they’ll gain.

The engagement team picked up every phone that would ring,
and answered all questions advisors had to bring.

While Sales celebrated the objectives they met,
Finance made sure next year’s budget was set.

Operations was there to turn the day around,
And deliver new computers to those whose were down.

Data services worked tirelessly behind a locked door,
so every piece of information was safe and secure.

As planning worked to make sure goals were defined,
They provided financial insight and peace of mind.

And for white glove service to all our accounts,
Relationship management made our clients paramount.

We’re eager to celebrate, in good tidings we’ll share
There’s a buzz in the office, we can’t stay in our chairs

As we shut down our computers, and reflect on the past year,
we know we’re fortunate for our clients far and near.

And for that we’d like to show our gratitude and delight,
So Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.

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