Updates Coming to Free Version of Analytics

With the recent debut of our new Advanced Analytics products, eMoney advisors—and their support staff— are already uncovering new insights to help them make more actionable business decisions.

Beyond the never-before-seen data sets, the upgraded Advisor Analytics Pro and Office Analytics products feature a modern and intuitive interface with lightening speed performance. For those advisors who use the free version of Analytics, you’ll soon notice the upgraded look and increased speed featured on your Analytics page, as well as the Home Page.

Starting today, the following changes will be made…

  1. Free Analytics will now feature the faster performance capabilities of Advanced Analytics.
  2. Due to the depth of data, all information will reflect data from the prior day, rather than real-time.
  3. All charts and filters will reflect the Advanced Analytics layout, and will feature a modernized look and feel.
  1. The Top Clients by Investable Assets chart will be removed in order to ensure consistency of data across the platform.
  2. We’ve made the Assets by Account Type chart easier to read by breaking the account types into two filters: Account type by Assets Under Management and Account Types Held Away.
  3. All chart drill path links have moved from the first column to the last column of chart data to make it easier to identify and use the drill path links.

Need to learn the basics on Classic Analytics? Click here to see a video demonstration to get started. Ready to take the next step? Learn more here or click here to schedule a demo.

See the latest updates, including new client net worth insights and fiduciary metrics, coming to our Advanced Analytics solutions.

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