An In-Depth Look at eMoney’s Fiduciary Framework (Webinar Replay)

In a post-DoL world the technology tools advisors use to streamline and scale their businesses matter more than ever before. Because to stay compliant while still remaining competitive, advisors and firms must adopt fiduciary-focused solutions they can scale across their entire businesses.

Watch a replay of our live webinar on eMoney’s Fiduciary Framework, our comprehensive DoL compliance strategy.

A mix between existing functionality, product enhancements, and new tools, Fiduciary Framework is eMoney’s initiative to bridge the long-standing gap between financial planning tools and compliance software, creating the industry’s first and only fiduciary focused planning platform in the process.

During the event, we detailed the upcoming enhancements to the eMoney software and gave a glimpse into our new comprehensive compliance solution, to be available in early 2017.