Advisor Branded Media Video Now Available: Speed of Access

What’s more valuable than time? Today’s clients expect their financial information at their fingertips, and they want it immediately.

With the latest Advisor Branded Media video: Speed of Access, show your clients the power of eMoney’s client website. This video illustrates how, by giving your clients a view of everything they own from a single, secure portal, they’ll have answers to their important financial questions. And more importantly, they can find answers quickly, allowing them to focus their time on the things that really matter in their lives.

See below for a preview:

Here are some ideas for using the latest Celebrity Narrated video:

With a library of compliance-approved videos available right from your Advisor Homepage, our celebrity narrated videos make it easy to talk with your clients and prospects about how you can help them make sound financial decisions.

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Joseph Pearson

Written By

Joseph is a Client Communications Strategist at eMoney Advisor.