Turn Your Data into Decisions: eMoney’s Advisor Analytics Pro & Office Analytics are Here!

The financial services industry is changing rapidly.  With the shifting regulatory conditions, the rising threat of digital advisors, and increasing client expectations, the pressure on advisors and managers to make quick and accurate decisions has never been higher.

Decisions that could impact the future of their entire business.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce two new Advanced Analytics products: Advisor Analytics Pro and Office Analytics. Designed to take your analytics capabilities a step further with new insights into your clients’ assets, experience, and performance, you’ll have the ability to redefine the way you identify opportunities in your business or firm, and the experience you offer your clients.

Advisor Analytics Pro Overview – For Advisor and Support Staff 
Office Analytics Overview – For Firm Managers


Advisor Analytics Pro– For Advisors and Support Staff

Advisor Analytics Pro gives you a custom view of your business, offering insights into your clients’ website usage and held away assets, to serve as critical talking points for an upcoming client meeting.

With new business insights, including client last login and client website usage by age, advisors and their staff members can better gain a better understanding of their businesses, to ultimately offer a more tailored client experience.

The comprehensive business insights available in Advisor Analytics Pro, starting at $600/advisor for the year, are available free of charge to your support staff.

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Advisor Analytics Pro features:

  • A completely customizable dashboard, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.
  • Fifteen additional charts, enabling you to see deeper into your business than ever before. And more charts coming soon!
  • New ways to parse and drill down into your book of business and client activity.
  • Preview functionality that allows you to view your real data before selecting charts for your custom dashboard.
  • For the first time ever, support roles will have access to Analytics in addition to advisors.

The Advisor Analytics Pro add-on is being sold for $600 per advisor, and is available free for planners and support licenses. Learn more about how to target new opportunities with Advisor Analytics Pro.


Office Analytics – For Firm Managers

With Office Analytics, managers can access firm-wide insights, focusing on offices’ and advisors’ health and opportunities. View your firm’s data in a way that’s most relevant to you, and ultimately determine where to focus your efforts with the easily customizable dashboard.

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Office Analytics features:

  • A completely customizable dashboard, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.
  • Twenty-one new Office insights, including charts like Top Advisor by AUM and AHA.
  • Preview functionality allows you to view your real data before selecting charts for your custom dashboard.

And for advisors who also manage a firm, you can gain access to both Advisor Analytics Pro and Office Analytics to see a complete view of your individual and firm-wide statistics.

Find out how you can identify never-before-seen opportunities with Office Analytics.

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