You’re Going to Want to See This

We tried to keep it fairly hush-hush, but some of our more enthusiastic users shared their excitement about some rumors on social media. We’re extremely flattered, and while we’re not ready to make a full announcement we wanted to clue you all in on what you can expect in the coming months: there are big changes coming for eMoney users.

We’ll be rolling out more extensive details in the coming months, but for now here is a compilation of some sneak-peek images and social media buzz showing what you’ll be able to expect out of our new software. We’re so excited to share the big news with you when the time’s right, and we think you’ll be excited too once you take a look at these screen grabs.





Jack Evans

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Jack Evans is an Internal Training Specialist at eMoney Advisor. A graduate of West Chester University, Jack has never had a piña colada and prefers to avoid getting caught in the rain. That's what umbrellas are for.