18 Struggles That Can Only Be Described As #AdvisorProblems

What’s a #AdvisorProblem you ask?

Think of it this way. Ever run into an issue, or experience a series of frustrating moments, in your day-to-day work life that doesn’t offer an obvious path to success? Situations where you simply let out a sigh and wonder if there’s a better solution out there?

That’s a #AdvisorProblem.

You might have something in mind that fits this description. And if not, we have a list that might jog your memory. Here are 18 issues that many advisors will find familiar.

  1. When you find time to answer 10 emails, but 11 new ones show up in your inbox.
  2. When you know collaboration is key, but your client meetings feel like a one-way conversation.
  3. That feeling when you return a client’s phone call in 24 hours, but it takes them a week to call you back.
  4. When you finish building a plan only to have the accounts go out-of-date the next hour.
  5. When a client quotes Suze Ormen or Jim Cramer.
  6. That feeling when a client stares blankly at you in silence after you give your recommendations.
  7. Finding the time to walk a junior advisor through complicated financial concepts.
  8. When you’re presenting a plan at your client’s house and their WiFi just doesn’t want to turn itself on.
  9. When you know technology keeps your staff organized, but the tech they use doesn’t have clear instructions.
  10. When clients want more access to their financial picture but don’t use the technology you provide them.
  11. When clients ask why you don’t offer certain tech features after you’ve explained that you do.
  12. Having 10 different screens open on your desktop because none of your Fin-tech works together.
  13. When you’re working with a millennial client and they answer your phone call with a text.
  14. That moment you realize someone accidently added an extra zero to a client’s account balance.
  15. When you think your website is completely original, but your local competition’s website uses the same language and stock images.
  16. When you use the word “spreadsheet” in front of your client’s children and they roll their eyes.
  17. When “charge it” is your client’s favorite phrase, but they wonder why their goals are never on track.
  18. When you think you have a handle over your business, but then the government drops new regulations.

Yep, the struggle is definitely real.

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Anthony Cirio

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Anthony is your friendly neighborhood copywriter and content marketer at eMoney Advisor.