How to Subscribe to eMoney Emails

Are you receiving all the communication you need from eMoney? We want to make sure you hear about the latest product enhancements, get access to valuable training opportunities, and discover best practices and new ways to serve your clients.

With a few simple steps, you can customize your email preferences and ensure you’re receiving important communications from eMoney

Customize Your Email Preferences

The first step is to actively manage your email preferences.. This allows you to customize your email subscriptions based on communication channels like:

  • Product Updates
  • Best Practices
  • Live and Webinar Training
  • Blog Updates
  • eMoney Summit

Click the link below to request an email allowing you to manage your email preferences. 

Manage Your Preferences

Once on the Communication Preferences page, you can check the types of emails you want to receive, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Email Preferences.

Sign Up for Webinar Recordings

In addition, you can sign up to receive weekly webinar recordings. Every Wednesday, our live training teams hosts sessions that focus on topics such as the Client Portal, Planning, Connections, and more.

Select any or all of the upcoming sessions listed here, and you’ll have a webinar recording along with additional relevant resources in your inbox weekly.

Ensure Deliverability of eMoney’s Emails

Finally, if your email subscriptions are all set up but you’re still not receiving emails, or they’re ending up in your junk folder, you may need to make some adjustments.

Start by adding to your Safe Sender List.  This notifies Outlook that emails from eMoney are not junk mail.

Note: You can find instructions for adding email addresses to your safe sender list for Outlook here. Other email services should also include safe sender information in their documentation.

If you’ve added the above email address as a safe sender and are still not receiving emails they may be getting blocked before reaching your inbox. In this case, check with your IT team to see if the email server has eMoney whitelisted to send you email communications.

Still not receiving the emails you need? Give us a call at 888-362-8482 or send us an email.

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