Webinar Recap: Advanced Planning vs. Foundational Planning

In this past week’s session, Advanced Planning vs. Foundational Planning we learned about the difference between Foundational and Advanced Planning as we used a sample client to mimic a typical progression through different planning stages.

Topics Covered

  • Foundational Planning Experience using sample clients, the Stevens
  • Foundational Planning Data Entry and Deliverables
  • Graduating Clients to Advanced Planning
  • Advanced Planning Tools Overview
  • Key Differences between Foundational and Advanced Planning

More Resources

  • Foundational Planning: Here’s What You Need to Know (Blog)
  • Foundational Planning: Produce More Plans, For More Clients, More Efficiently (Blog)
  • Presenting to Prospects with Foundational Planning – Meet the Stevens (Blog)
  • Getting Started with Advanced Planning (Blog)
  • Advanced Planning – Scenarios vs. What-Ifs (Blog)

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