DVI Develops a Personalized and Interactive Client Experience with eMoney’s Client Portal (Case Study)

David Vaughan founded David Vaughan Investments (DVI) in 1977 with a clear mission: provide investment advice to his clients based solely on what was in their best interest. Jeff Huizenga, a relationship manager at DVI today, explains that the firm had this objective in mind when, in August of 2015, it started the process of updating its outdated website and rethinking the way clients could interact with their financial information and data online.

DVI needed a dynamic solution that gave clients a unique portal and interactive system to use, and provided advisors with exceptional financial planning software capable of producing the rigorous reporting the firm required.

In this case study, you’ll learn how DVI migrated from its outdated client interface to eMoney’s client portal and realized:

  • A 130% increase in the number of clients who are regularly accessing their portals
  • An improved ability to identify assets held away and bring them under the firm’s management
  • An ability to deliver more holistic advice to clients and give clients a more personalized, interactive experience