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Advisors Are Growing Their Practices by Embracing Change

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A new type of advisor is leading the wealth management industry and experiencing rapid business growth. They have a fresh mindset and view opportunities where traditional advisors may see challenges. Say hello to the FlexGen Advisors℠.

Pop quiz! To become a FlexGen Advisor, you should excel at which of the following?

A. Embracing change

B. Challenging conventions

C. Adopting flexible processes

D. Making peanut butter sandwiches

If you guessed A, B, and C, you’re right! Of course, you might also make great peanut butter sandwiches. But that would be spreading yourself pretty thin.

What is a FlexGen Advisor?

Fidelity surveyed 458 financial advisors using a survey co-developed with eMoney. Of the advisors surveyed, 45 percent shared characteristics that eMoney and Fidelity identify as FlexGen Advisors. These advisors are adaptable, future-ready, focused on delivering a great client experience, and utilizing technology more often to achieve these goals.

“FlexGen Advisors are changing the landscape of the financial planning industry,” says eMoney CEO Ed O’Brien. “They view change as opportunity for growth and understand their success relies heavily on adapting their business models to meet the evolving needs of both current and future clients.”

How do FlexGen Advisors grow their businesses?

FlexGen Advisors are forward-thinking and love learning. They know how to leverage financial planning tools like eMoney to differentiate their practices and retain customers. They also reported a 24 percent increase in AUM, compared to the 14 percent of their competitors.
“FlexGen Advisors are delivering outstanding experiences for their clients and helping them achieve their life goals, all while deepening relationships and delivering value,” said Tricia Haskins, vice president, digital strategy & platform consulting, Fidelity Institutional. “They are delivering interactive experiences and embracing the promise of technology—and they are seeing results.”

That’s the FlexGen Advisors in a nutshell.

Watch the video below to learn more about the rise of the FlexGen.

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Source: 2018 Fidelity Financial Advisor Community – FlexGen Study; eMoney collaborated with Fidelity on the development of the survey used in the study.

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