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9 Things You Don’t Know About eMoney: Technology

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Gutenberg invented the printing press. Bell patented the telephone. Jobs introduced the iPhone. Today, the average person can read a newspaper, make a phone call, and text a friend instantly because of these inventions. Every technological innovation is the result of a search for efficiency, accuracy, and necessity.

As an advisor, your clients use numerous forms of technology in their daily lives. Their financial planning experiences should be as easy and as advanced as streaming a movie or ordering an Uber ride.

eMoney has identified five steps successful advisors can take using technology:

Focus on the user experience

Investors want clean and intuitive experiences across devices. This means your website, social media, and other means of communication need to be updated and fresh.

Communicate through digital channels

Frequent and easy communication is key. Skype, Messenger, and other channels are an easy way to reach your customers instantly.

Give investors control

Customers are looking for advice but want to make their own decisions. Successful advisors guide clients into wise decisions.

Collaborate continuously

Investors want to explore financial scenarios with their advisors in real time. They don’t want to wait days for a phone call or email.

Be efficient

Use different virtual tools to reach clients with timely and thoughtful answers.

With today’s technology, consumers have the world at their fingertips. Digital technology has become simple, efficient, and commonplace. To deliver the best possible client experiences, successful advisors are incorporating digital technologies into their practices.

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