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How to Add and Troubleshoot Client Connections

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Client Connections not only help you to see accounts held away, they also give clients access to all their accounts in one place, as well as automatic updates of account values.

Today, we’ll look at how to help your clients add and troubleshoot connections so you both have an accurate and up to date view of their current financial status.

Adding Connections

After registering for the Client Portal, the next step in the client onboarding process is to add data. Clients can do this in two ways – adding manual facts or connecting their accounts held away using Client Connections.

To add a connection, instruct clients to follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the Client Portal
  • Click Add Account directly from the homepage or click on Organizer > Accounts > Add
  • Select I have an online login to this account
  • Type the name of the institution into the search bar
  • Choose the connection from the list
  • Enter username and password for the institution, click Connect

To help your clients in the setup process, share these helpful tips below and the Add Accounts user-guide.

Select the right connection. When clients search for an institution, there may be more than one connection that matches their search. For example, searching for Fidelity will result in Fidelity Investments, Fidelity Benefits, and Fidelity Bank connections. Make sure they are not only checking the connection name but the associated URL too.

Test your credentials. Before adding the connection on the Client Portal, have clients log into the financial institution to make sure their credentials are up-to-date. For example, they may need to reset an expired password.

Read institution notices. After choosing a connection from the list, an institution notice may appear, if applicable. This notice will inform clients of any important information relating to this institution’s connection. They will need to click Continue to proceed to the next step.

Follow additional security steps. Some institutions will require additional security steps before connecting accounts. The client will be prompted to enter an access code or answer security questions. Additional security features and prompts come directly from the institution.

Keeping Connections Up to Date

One of the benefits of utilizing connections is ensuring that clients have the most updated account values being used in their financial plan. However, after connecting accounts, there is some required maintenance.

Be proactive. If a client makes changes to their account at the institution, like setting a new password, they’ll need to update their credentials on the Client Portal too.

Check the Accounts page. To access the Accounts page, click on Organizer > Accounts. The Accounts page will list the date/time the account value was last updated. Most values will update on a daily basis or at the end of the last business day. Clients can refresh the connection, find new accounts, and troubleshoot connection errors on this page.

Troubleshooting Connections

Since connections may occasionally break, prepare clients with troubleshooting tips. Check out some of the common errors below and view more in the Accounts Troubleshooting user-guide.

Unable to get the recent account values. In the notification bar, click Click to Fix and then Refresh. This will refresh the connection and pull the most recent account values.

The institution rejected your credentials. Click the notification bar to fix. Verify that you can log in to the institution directly by clicking the institution name. The institution’s site will open in a new browser tab for you to confirm your credentials. If they work, navigate back to the Client Portal, re-enter your credentials, and click Connect.

No accounts found at the institution. Sometimes accounts are not immediately recognized. Click Find New. This refreshes any accounts available at the institution. It’s important to note, that advisors will not see the Find New option, only clients.

Finally, let your clients know to contact you if they are still experiencing issues. You’ll be able to Report a Problem to our Data Support team to receive additional assistance. For more information on how to submit a ticket, check out Best Practices for Opening a Ticket on a Connection.

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